Top 15 Foods That Are Richer in Calcium Than Milk

Calcium plays a very important role in your body’s functioning. We need calcium for our bodies to grow because calcium is the main component of bone, the most important physical structure of our body. It is imperative for children to consume calcium if they wish to grow tall. Insufficient calcium can lead to slow growth, brittle bones, osteoporosis, etc. Additionally, calcium regulates processes in the body we cannot see, such as muscle contractions, nerve impulses, hormone production, and heartbeats. There are 15 options available that are higher in calcium than milk. What if we had 15 more options that are higher in calcium than milk? There would be no more boredom in eating healthily.


In other words, cheese is a food with twice as much calcium as milk because it is made from milk protein. There are many good choices when it comes to snacks for children their growing age, including Parmesan cheese, which also contains calories, but less lactose than milk. Change your usual menu to Spaghetti Carbonara, Macaroni Creamy Shrimp Sauce, or a Caesar salad with grated Parmesan cheese. However, be careful not to gain weight. In order to maintain good health, cheese should be consumed in moderation.

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