Everything we know about Cristina Pedroche’s dress for the Chimes

Everything we know about Cristina Pedroche's dress for the Chimes

For the ninth consecutive year, Cristina Pedroche will be in charge of giving the Puerta del Sol Carillons. The first year she did it accompanied by Frank Blanco for La Sexta, but in the last eight years she has said goodbye to the year with Alberto Chicote on Antena 3, a channel that succeeded last year in dethrone TVE and lead broadcast for the first time.

The ‘Pedroche effect’ achieved the goal of becoming the most-watched channel on the night of December 31, a milestone that should be revalidated tonight after Pedroche and Daviz Muñoz confirmed on social media that she was pregnant , an exclusive that the magazine advanced this Wednesday readings.

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Cristina Pedroche in her latest social media posts

Cristina Pedroche with her look to promote the Campanadas

Instagram @cristipedroche

Over the past few days, the presenter and her stylist Josie have revealed several details of the look she’ll be wearing on New Year’s Eve. , entertainment and fantasy”, explained the presenter to Roberto Leal during his visit to Password.

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What was Cristina Pedroche's best dress at Las Campanadas?

The presenter wanted to know a little more about the outfit chosen by Pedroche for his big night. “I don’t wear a helmet, nor silver stockings, nor sandals. Nothing like that,” said the Vallecana, who already announced a few days ago that this year “is the year of the message”, a phrase that could be related to her pregnancy.

Cristina Pedro as a guest of 'Pasapalabra'.

Cristina Pedro during her visit to ‘Pasapalabra’.

Antenna 3

“I wish people had a little tears. I think this year is going to touch. Touch tears. I think about it and I really get goosebumps and I’m very excited,” said the protagonist.

touch tear I think about it and I really get goosebumps and I’m so excited”

Cristina Pedroche

In the anthill, a program that goes every December on the occasion of the chimes, Cristina has confirmed that this 2022 the transparencies have returned. Moreover, thanks to the insistence of Pablo Motos, he revealed a key detail of his look. “I’m going to do something they’ve been asking me to do all along. Undress me? More or less… There is a concept and it is not always related to clothing, let’s say it is little fabric, subtle… In these years, in addition to fashion, have turned into art and I will touch to a discipline that I have never touched”, said Pedroche. A sentence that made the presenter react, who quickly pronounced the words “body painting“, a technique that has not been used to date and that pregnant women usually choose to paint their bellies with endearing drawings. “Josie is going to kill me,” Cristina said after listening to Pablo Motos.

AME6961.  MADRID (SPAIN), 12/31/2021.- Photograph provided by Equipo Singular where Cristina Pedroche appears in the dress she wore to ring the New Year's carillon on Antena3, today, in Madrid (Spain).  Pedroche used a design by Manuel Piñas with a cape by Buj Studio and helmet and accessories by Manuel Albarrán, all under the stylistic direction of Josie.  EFE/ Juan Borgognoni /Equipo Singular/ EDITORIAL USE ONLY/ AVAILABLE ONLY TO ILLUSTRATE ACCOMPANYING NEWS (MANDATORY CREDIT)

Look of the Campanadas of 2021 by Cristina Pedroche

Juan Borgognoni / EFE

The businesswoman shared with Motos her enthusiasm for spreading these Chimes, the “most special”, as she pointed out. “There will be people who will understand it and people who will not, but I think we are going to touch the hearts of all Spaniards,” Vallecana guaranteed.

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A few words her stylist confirmed in zap. “It’s the best look ever,” confirmed Josie, who likened the dress to a rug. “Closed, it looks like a weighted CrossFit tube,” he acknowledged.

This is the best look of all years”

JosieCristina Pedroche’s stylist

A few hours after the chimes, we only know that there are transparencies and that we could see it body painting. What has been confirmed is that Cristina will return to Puerta del Sol next year to host 2024. “It’s the tenth anniversary and I have to do something big, but I think this year is the best of all those that I have taken”, affirmed the presenter in Password.

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