Amazon Prime Video presents its best premieres for 2023

Amazon Prime Video nos presenta sus mejores estrenos para el 2023

With 2023 fast approaching, we’ve got a look at the releases they’re working on in Amazon Prime Video to add to your catalog this year. In addition to foreign productions, we have our own outstanding premieres such as the new season of Carnival Row, a utopian fantasy that despite its poster has failed to penetrate the public, for many unjustifiably. In the same way they end Las Cumbres Boarding School Yes star trek picard with new seasons debuting in 2023 as an epitaph as well as new releases such as Generation V Either the continentseries taking place in the famous hotel of the John Wick saga.

Amazon Prime Video presents its best premieres for 2023

Amazon Prime Video premieres for 2023

Awareness tells the story of a rebellious teenager who lives with his father on the margins of society. They survive on petty scams thanks to Ian’s incredible ability to project visual illusions into the minds of others. After he loses control of his powers in public, two warring factions begin to hunt him down. In his escape, Ian will have to decide on which side he will lead this war in which he has been forced to participate.

Culpa Mía tells the story of Noah. At 17, proud and independent, Noah resists living in a mansion surrounded by luxury. There she meets Nick, her new half-brother, and the clash of their strong personalities is evident from the first moment. Despite the chasm between them, they both begin to feel an irresistible attraction that will soon turn into pure fire and unbridled passion. But Nick’s troubled present coupled with Noah’s turbulent past will test both their lives and their forbidden love.

Desi and Cata, gypsy and Mexican, are housekeepers. Overwhelmed and with just enough to get through the month, they expect a miracle that will come in the form of a call when they are tasked with cleaning up the Roselló mansion, one of Alicante’s most powerful families. All is well until they come across a woman’s corpse. Horror. Panic. To the policeman. After the initial shock, Cata and Desi realize they’ve gotten honest. No fingerprints. They are the perfect culprits, and that is why the police will prosecute them. As well as Russian hitmen, a family of millionaires and an ex-husband with a mariachi band. Let’s see how they come out of this “fregao”.

Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Stanley Tucci will star in the Citadel Universe’s first global spy action series, created by AGBO, the Russo Brothers’ company.

Set at America’s only college exclusively for young superheroes (produced by Vought International), GenV is an irreverent series that explores the lives of competitive young superheroes as they test their physical, sexual and moral limits, competition for the best contracts in the best cities. . The production will be a mix between a college series and The Hunger Games, but with all the heart, satire and curiosity of The Boys.

Cornelia is a girl whose childhood was stolen. Jordan is not a boy, nor a man. They are two stranded young men running from the forces of law, powerful supernatural creatures, and themselves. Romancero is the story of this escape, of the persecuted and the persecutors, framed in a desert and cruel Andalusia, as real as it is mythical, during a nightmarish night plagued by demons, witches and blood drinkers.

  • Hunters – Final Season (January 13)

Sigue had a diverse group of Nazi cazadores who lived in the city of New York in 1977. Los “Hunters”, as they were conceived, discovered that some of the Nazi officials of high range lived among them and conspired to create a Cuarto Reich in United States.

  • Operation Black Tide -Season 2 (January 13)

Filmed in Galicia and Portugal, the new installment of Operation Black Tide takes place two years after the end of the fictional first season. After Nando in prison as the heart of the story, the new episodes will navigate between crime and law, family revenge and justice. Nando will evolve following a path full of betrayals and double games and will cross the delicate balance between the legal and the illegal: the police against the drug traffickers.

  • The Wheel of Time – Season 2

The Wheel of Time is one of the most popular and enduring fantasy series of all time, with over 90 million books sold. Set in a sprawling epic world where magic exists and only a few women can access it, the story follows Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), a member of the incredibly powerful all-female organization Aes Sedai, as she arrives in the small town of Two Rivers. There he embarks on a perilous journey across the world with five young men, one of whom is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn, who will save or destroy mankind.

  • Good Omens – Season 2

Originally based on the internationally bestselling novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, the new season of Good Omens will explore storylines that go beyond the source material to shed light on this unlikely friendship between Aziraphale, a difficult angel and rare book dealer, and the fast-paced demon, Crowley. On Earth from the Beginning and the foiled Apocalypse, Aziraphale and Crowley resume a quiet life among mortals in London’s Soho when an unexpected messenger shows up with a shocking mystery.

  • Las Cumbres Boarding School – Last Season

Three months after the terrible events that ended Paz’s life, Amaia is convinced that the mysteries that inhabit the boarding school are unsolved. Eager to go all the way, she involves Zoé, a new student in a foster home where no one knows what to do with her. Zoe connects early with the group, who soon find themselves embroiled in horrific disappearances and crimes within the walls of the monastery. A race for life or death, which will become a real decisive test for their friendship. Meanwhile, Alicia/Inés and León will be involved in a race against time to escape death and their memory loss.

  • The Legend of Vox Machina -Season 2 (January 20)

After saving the realm from evil and preventing destruction at the hands of Exandria’s most terrifying couple, Vox Machina must once again save the world, this time from a sinister group of dragons known as the Chroma Conclave.

  • Daisy Jones and the Six (series) (March 3)

Based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestselling novel, Daisy Jones & The Six is ​​a musical drama detailing the rise and precipitous fall of a renowned rock band. In 1977, Daisy Jones & The Six were on top of the world. Led by two charismatic vocalists, Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne, the band rose from obscurity to glory, but after a sold-out concert at Chicago’s Soldier Field, they stopped singing. Now, decades later, the band members agree to reveal the truth. This is the story of how an iconic band imploded at the peak of their musical career.

  • Star Trek Picard – Final Season (February 17)

Star Trek: Picard features Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard, which he played for seven seasons on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and follows the iconic character through the next chapter of his life. LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd star with Patrick Stewart in the third and final season of the hit show.

The series based on the hit action franchise John Wick will be told from the perspective of the hotel manager, a young Winston Scott, who will be played by Colin Woodell. Throughout the series, viewers will follow Winston through the underworld of 1970s New York, where he battles demons from his past as he attempts to take over the iconic hotel, a hotel that serves entry point for the most dangerous. criminals in the world.

  • Carnival Row – Final Season

Set in a fantasy world where humans and creatures collide, it opens with former Inspector Rycroft Philostratus, aka Philo, investigating a series of gruesome murders that fuel social tension. Vignette Stonemoss and the Black Raven plot revenge for the unwarranted oppression inflicted by Burgo’s human rulers, Jonah Breakspear and Sophie Longerbane. Tourmaline inherits supernatural powers that threaten her fate and the future of The Row.

The Power recounts an unusual situation around the world, almost all teenagers develop the power to electrocute people at will. Over the course of the story, you can see how suddenly almost all women begin to adopt this same ability, giving it an unexpected 180 degree turn where hierarchies and society as it is known today change drastically.

In Citas Barcelona, ​​the characters come face to face after meeting on the internet; They are looking for love, sex or just someone to take them away from loneliness. The format is also a romantic rendezvous with Barcelona, ​​which will be the setting through which viewers will visit the most emblematic places of the city such as the Sagrada Familia, the port or the Rambla, also connecting with the daily life of Barcelona through other less known corners.

Dead Ringers is based on the 1988 film written and directed by David Cronenberg. On this occasion, the story -reinvented- moves to 2021, to Manhattan, where the Mantle twins of Cronenberg are two executives of the Big Apple. Alice Birch’s adaptation of Dead Ringers addresses complex and timely issues surrounding feminism and human reproduction. Uniquely dark and eerie, yet deeply funny in tone, Alice has created something that feels truly new.

  • Marc Márquez: ALL IN (Docuseries)

The new docuseries about multiple motorcycle champion Marc Márquez brings face-to-face, and with only one access so far, Marc’s most personal level: the risks of undergoing surgery and the arm that won’t recover, the suffering from not being able to be the only one was on a motorcycle, the complicity of his family and his friends… but above all his ability to overcome adversity and the emotion of feeling like a pilot again and riding on a podium. He also looks back on some of the key moments in his career, those that made Marc Márquez one of the best drivers in history.

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