Rotavirus vaccines will be free for people born in 2023

Rotavirus vaccines will be free for people born in 2023

The community opens in 2023 a new official routine immunization schedule. The changes include free rotavirus vaccination for children born on or after January 1 of the following year. Thus, like the vaccine against human papilloma (HPV), which will have a zero cost for those who reach the age of 12.

To date, the the rotavirus vaccine was only free for babies who were born prematurely before 32 weeks.

This change will allow families with babies to save between 187 and 208.5 eurosan expense that involves depending on the two brands that market it.

In recent years, following the recommendations of pediatricians, andl 70% of children were coveredadministering two or three doses, depending on the drug, during their first months of life.

To a large extent, this improvement is due to the severity that it can cause, since it produces cadros of gastroenteritis, causing, on some occasions, serious consequences for the health of children.

For him HPVvaccination opens to 12 year old in 2023, i.e. people born between January 1 and 2011. The scheme will be the same for both sexes, divided doses with an interval of six months. Women born after 1994 who have not been previously vaccinated can also receive the age-appropriate regimen.

In minors, the Inter-territorial Council agreed to introduce the flu vaccine nationwide for children aged 6 to 59 months, which is already happening in the Community, where, moreover, although only the injectable vaccine is authorized for children aged less than two years, from this age they will be able to receive the attenuated intranasal vaccine, which is more comfortable and effective. In this way it will cover inactivated injectable vaccine in boys and girls 6 to 23 monthsand the attenuated intranasal vaccine among boys and girls between 24 and 59 months of age, i.e. two, three and four years. A single dose will be given to healthy children.

Regarding vaccination against meningitis BCastilla y León will continue to administer it for free, which started in 2019, despite the fact that the deadline was before the end of 2024. In addition, inoculation will begin at two and four months of ageinstead of three and five months as before.

In the case of pneumococcushas recently been approved and guarantees better protection for the elderly.

The vaccination schedule also includes the vaccination against covidparticularly recommended for the general population aged 60 and over, as well as for younger people with a pathology that increases the risk.

The pandemic broke records for daily infections in the same year, 2022 | LOZ Sara Parra

COVID 2022: from record cases to a new normal

2022 ends with 710 dead in hospital, 371 in residences after the two who have joined in recent days. Of the total deaths from the pandemic, only this year 235 in hospital and 45 in residences and the rest are counted from 2020, when the virus arrived in Zamora.

Although the pandemic seems to be a thing of the past, the truth is that this 2022 was the year with the most infections, since more than half of the infections have occurred this year. In fact, the day with the most infections of the pandemic, 738 in a single day, was the January 14 of 2022. If the pandemic goes so far 56,636 infected in Zamora, 32,723 of them were produced in a single year. Mobility restriction strategies and, above all, massive vaccination campaigns were responsible for the pandemic being virtually brought under control by the end of the year, when it started 2022 at higher levels than ever before. More than 90% of the population is vaccinated with the full dose (both injections), and a third have reinforcement model, which was supplemented with the fourth dose in the case of Zamoranos over 60 or with risk factors. It is also open fourth dose to all people who request it at their health centre.

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