Sign up for our post-holiday detox plan

Sign up for our post-holiday detox plan

Don’t mind the scalewhatever you put on, because It’s not fat, it’s an inflammatory process and it can be fixed. These gains respond to an internal inflammatory product of overindulging in red meat, refined sugar, salt, alcohol, and ultra-processed foods, but it’s nothing that doesn’t have a cure. In fact, you can (and should) backtrack without resting on your laurels, because if you don’t Expresspoints out the expert, the risk that these few kilos contribute to a long-term weight gain is high.

In addition, a fact: the greater the gain on vacation, the greater the chances that it will accumulate and not be lost in the medium to long term.

That said, now is not the time to lament over what you enjoyed, nor to follow a strict diet, nor to fast. All that remains is to put the battery to our organs of elimination (liver and kidneys, in particular) which, at this time, need support so that their cells function perfectly. How can you be helpful? Eat and drink appropriately to cleanse the cellular environment.

Complete the shakes, move more, drink water and rest!

If you want to clean the cellular environment of the organs that deal with cleaning your body and leave the intestine perfect (starting point to start nourishing the body well and in this way put an end to inflammation), it It is important not to make it work too much: avoid eating or drinking anything that is irritating and, on the contrary, eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner foods with high nutritional value passed through the blender. The most nutritious foods are vegetables, fruits, nuts and other healthy fats, as well as some vegetables.

When nutrition experts encourage a few days of shakes and liquids, they point out two limitations. The first, that neither fibers nor fats are ignored and, the second, that the recommendation not to go more than three days without eating protein, animal or not, is followed. When you drink fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies, you lose the fiber content that these foods naturally contain.

This causes a rapid rise in insulin, which can lead to easier storage of glucose as fat. In other words, you make a bread with cakes. The fiber in fruits and vegetables – even if whipped up –, in addition to avoiding the insulin spike, helps the intestine to activate, which makes you feel less bloated. In addition, it helps regulate the microbiota, essential after a period of excess.

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Ultimately, a smoothie will never be complete if it lacks good fats: nuts, seeds such as flax or chia, avocado, even virgin olive oil. These fats, explains Elena Pérez, biochemical molecular biologist, food and applied nutrition specialist, creator of the Futurlife21 systemthey areessential for the functioning of the body, cognitive and hormonal systems and attention! They help keep anxiety at bay. Something that, after eating your weight in ice cream, seems pretty handy.

Pérez is full of anti-anxiety formula alluding to the care of the microbiota. “Gut bacteria become out of balance when you overindulge in ultra-processed foods, starches, refined sugars, and alcohol. It is important to recover and balance this population of bacteria in order to regain healthy lifestyles and above all to eliminate this anxiety”, he underlines.

Other pro-detox recommendations:

  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.
  • Take a hot bath with a kilo of coarse salt.
  • Enjoy nature and practice a physical activity that you enjoy.
  • A fundamental pillar of health is rest and stress control: Get enough sleep… and breathe.

Challenge: Increase the amount of vegetables on your plate each day until it takes up half of it, as recommended by the ‘Plate for Healthy Eating’ initiative, created by nutrition experts from the School of Public Health of the United States. ‘University of Harvard.

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