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At high speed!

Games for Xbox Series X load almost instantly and delight gamers with stunning visuals. This is facilitated by a specialized solid-state drive. With it, the speed reaches 120 fps.

Buy once, play as long as you want
Smart Delivery allows you to pay once for a supported game and always have the best version for the console you play on.

Adventure awaits!
The Xbox Series X is perfect for revisiting time-honored classics or getting to know newer games. Four generations of Xbox games are available to you – choose what you like best and have fun!

Incredible power, fantastic realism
12 teraflops of processing power working for you! They are assisted by the AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures. Cutting-edge technologies create worlds that look as compelling as possible.
Check out DirectX ray tracing. With it, the picture on the screen becomes especially dynamic and literally comes to life. Realistic lighting, accurate reflections, shadows – everything is real.
Smooth frequency up to 120 fps. Bright, high contrast HSR picture. The smallest details that are easy to see thanks to 4K resolution. All this – so that you can immerse yourself in the game.

surround sound
3D Spatial Sound complements the image, creating the effect of complete immersion in virtual worlds. This is a new step in the evolution of audio technology. Advanced algorithms help you believe that the events that unfold in front of you on the screen are actually happening.

Even faster
Maximum speed is achieved through the combination of a new system on a chip (SOC) and the Xbox Velocity architecture. With a 1TB solid state drive, you can save more than just your favorite games. It also makes it possible to accelerate from 0-60 to 120 fps.

What you want right now
Get to know the Quick Resume feature. Thanks to her, switching between several games is almost instantaneous. And you will always return to the place where you left off last time.

More storage
The Xbox Series X console has a dedicated slot on the back of the console that you can use to plug in a Seagate 1TB storage expansion card. It is purchased separately and is useful for those who need additional game storage. There will be more memory, and performance will be at the same high level.

Everything under control The
new console – a new wireless gamepad. Its sleek design and well-thought-out ergonomics make it a pleasure to hold. It does not slip in the palms thanks to the textured surface of the bumpers and triggers.
The new hybrid cross design allows for the most complex combinations. Clearly triggered buttons send a command to the game – and here you are already a winner!
Do you want to show off and tell the whole world about your successes? Just click on the “Share” button to save your achievements.

Xbox Series X is compatible with Xbox One gaming accessories and delivers unparalleled response times.

For those who want to become the first
Xbox Series X invites you to go on new adventures. You will see games as they were intended by their creators. And you will become one of the pioneers who went to the Halo ring. Especially for you – the most ambitious game ever created in the epic Halo series!

Welcome to the library
You will have instant access to your favorite games. Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to:
• Explore over 100 exciting games.
• take full advantage of Xbox Live Gold status;
• Evaluate the features of the EA Play subscription, which will be open to gamers soon.

Backward compatible with thousands of games
Easily play Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the original Xbox games on the new Xbox Series X, but now at faster speeds, higher resolutions and reduced input lag.

New design
The sleek, one-piece body of the Xbox Series X not only packs in massive processing power, but also blends in seamlessly with modern interiors. The developers paid as much attention as possible to speed and performance, but did not forget about the design.

Efficient and quiet
The new console uses a parallel cooling architecture. The airflow moves through three channels, due to this the temperature is distributed evenly and the internal components do not overheat. The console stays cool and operates with minimal noise.

The heatsink chassis is a non-electronic component that combines parallel cooling with a unique design. With it, the system becomes even more reliable and stable.

Motherboard – A New Approach for More Efficiency
The console features a split motherboard. It also contributes to uniform temperature regulation inside the case, so the maximum power is increased.

The fan you can’t hear The
Xbox Series X’s vertical airflow architecture ensures quiet cooling and stable operation.

Evaporation chamber
Another solution to prevent overheating is the evaporation chamber. With it, the temperature inside the core is distributed evenly, so the performance even during many hours of intense gaming remains high.


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