Which vitamins are used to raise defenses?

Food can help build a stronger defense system.

It is important take vitamins at any time of the year but now, in times of flu, covid and colds, it’s even more relevant. We find out which vitamins are essential to increase your defenses and which foods provide them.

Vitamin A

It has the important function of regulating the production and activity of T lymphocytes, which are immune cells necessary so that no viruses or bacteria cause too much havoc once they enter our body.

It performs another fundamental task so that you do not get sick: to maintain mucous membranes in good condition your airways (nose, pharynx, etc.).

You find it in fatty animal products like eggs,blue fish and whole milk. And, in the form of provitamin A (which is converted into vitamin A in your body), in green vegetables (spinach, broccoli) and orange-yellowlike carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C directly influences the cellular activity and it is even thought that an adequate dose can help reduce the frequency and duration of respiratory tract infections.

This is why this diet contains vegetables and fruits in abundance, some as rich as the Kiwi, The citrus fruits, peppers, spinach…

B vitamins

B vitamins6B12 and B9 (folic acid) participate in the formation of DNA and proteins involved in the immune system.

The Whole grains, legumes, fish, green leafy vegetables, nuts and beer yeast (contribute B6 and B9). vitamin b12 found only in food animal origin (meat, fish, shellfish, dairy products or eggs).

Vitamin D

It also influences the activity of various immune cells. Some low levels of this vitamin have been linked to a greater predisposition Suffer infections respiratory. That’s why this plan contains foods like…

Oily fish like Salmoneggs and mushrooms (which must be put in the sun for a while before preparing them).

Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant, benefits the immune system through its protective effect on the cells. A sufficient amount helps reduce respiratory infections.

You will take it with him olive oil, dried fruit, Lawyer, spinach, Chickpeas…

This plan also includes foods rich in two key minerals for your defenses: selenium (oats, nuts, seeds, mushrooms) and zinc (clams, walnuts, dark chocolate…).

Menus for 15 days with downloadable recipes

So that in the coming months you will be stronger than ever, we have prepared a 15-day plan with menus Yes downloadable recipes They help increase your defenses.

Every day you will take proteins of quality (of animal and vegetable origin), carbohydrates (remember that we always recommend that cereals be whole grains) and probiotics.

We offer a menu of lunch and dinner every day for two weeks so that you can organize yourself well. In addition, 6 recipes it’s up to you to try new dishes in the kitchen.

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