The 6 minerals and vitamins that all women should include in their diet

If you suffer from stress, fatigue or lack of calcium… There are foods for every situation.

Women blame more stress and fatigue, may be more noticeable swollen at certain points in the cycle, they have more want to snack between hours and suffer more from osteoporosis than Men’s. Food is essential to fight against all these specific situations. Find out what you should strengthen in your daily diet to combat some of the most common disorders in women.

1. MORE magnesium if you suffer from stress

Women tend to be more deficient in this mineral than men, resulting in irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbances or muscle cramps, especially in the days before the onset of menstruation.

The solution in this case, it is rich, as well as nutritious. We are talking about Chocolate. And it is that incorporating an ounce of chocolate in your usual breakfast menu will provide you with a good dose of magnesium. Always go for the one that has a 70% cocoa minimum: the higher the proportion of cocoa, the less fat and sugar. You can also add a teaspoon of cocoa to your glass of milk or yogurt.

Chocolate is a boost of magnesium that lifts your spirits

Magnesium deficiency, in addition to affecting mood, can cause blood pressure problems and significantly affect the boneWhat they do not absorb calcium well and weaken.

2. Less sodium and more potassium if you feel bloated

the fluid balance in the body has to do with a correct relationship between sodium and potassium.

When the balance is not correct we can accumulate too much fluid and the feeling of swelling appears.

Reduce the amount of salt that we take the recommended maximum of 5g per day (including that which contains preserves, sausages, etc., not just that which we add “by hand”) and eat more food rich in potassium, like bananasThey can be of great help.

3. More iron if you feel tired

If you haven’t started a diet, or if you’re exercising more but you feel exhausted, your lack of iron may be due to your period. In any case, if this fatigue lasts more than a month, you should consult a doctor.

For special cases (without any associated disease) the food can give you a hand.

To get increase this mineral take care of your diet. For example, prepare a premiere of green leafy vegetable a second of Meat or fish, and for dessert a kiwi or citrus since they provide you with vitamin C, which helps to better metabolize iron.

4. CITRUS from 50

When the menopause arrives, the woman’s body suffers because the The decrease in estrogen affects the cardiovascular system. Vitamin C can reduce the risk up to 20% of having such a condition, according to a British study.

Menopause leaves the heart less protected and needs to be taken care of

citrus fruits such as orange, but also kiwis or strawberries are an excellent source. But it also contains vitamin C vegetables like bell pepper or kale.

5. Don’t forget calcium for your bones

The general recommendations of the WHO are to take two dairy products a day. But these are not the only foods to provide it: sesame, nuts, blue fish or some vegetables also carry it. Remember to include these foods in your daily diet.

And the best is to take your food on the terrace or next to the window, because the sun helps to synthesize the vitamin D, essential for absorption of this ore.

6. more chromium to control the urge to snack

Beware, especially if your appetite it’s mostly for sweetssince chromium deficiency can cause sudden drop in glucose levels what makes you want foods high in sugars.

As a dessert, snack or salad take pears and dates, are fruits very rich in chromium. A freshly made tomato juice will also provide you with the chromium you may need.

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