7 menus to activate your defenses during winter

With the onset of cold weather, flu and cold. This is when we remember the importance of having a strong immune system. However, this is not something we should limit to the winter months. Our advice is don’t let your guard down and take care of our defenses all year round.

However, it is true that low temperatures and, in general, bad weather, put our body to the test in a particular way at the moment, it is therefore now that it would be appropriate to review our diet in order to strengthen the defenses.

The feed It is one of the main weapons we have to fight colds and flu.

In general, if we take a diet too rich in flour, fat and sugar the immune system is likely to be weaker and allows viruses and bacteria to enter.

On the contrary, if we eat healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables seasonal, the body will be prepared to deal with disease-causing microorganisms.

We prepared a menu of the week specially designed for strengthen your defenses where fruits, vegetables, yogurt and good hydration are essential.

cold snacks

In addition to enriching your main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can also snack throughout the day “protective” foods. Here are some ideas:

  • a handful of pumpkin seeds, for its selenium content.
  • A pica-pica of nutfor its omega 3 acid content.
  • A few ounces of Chocolatefor its flavonoids.
  • A Kiwifor its exceptional vitamin C content.
  • A yogurtfor its probiotic content.

Also, in general, it is advisable to avoid refined sugarssince these weaken the organism, and that cut down on processed foods and increase the ecological ones.

Food is one of the main weapons we have to activate our defenses.

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