Seven very simple and proven nutritional tips to prevent cancer

One in five cancers is directly due to dietary errors.

The carcinogenic cells they live on the same as benign cells. I know feed on our nutrients. Therefore, what we eat is going to be important in the appearance and development of a tumor.

There are types of cancers where its importance is more important. The first is the colon and rectal cancer, which directly affects our digestive system. And there are others like mom’s in which a strong influence was verified. Generally, one in five tumors is directly due to nutritional problem.

Can this risk be controlled? Sure. Two experts enlighten us with these simple tips.

1. food doesn’t cause cancer, it’s abuse

Let’s first clarify a concept. What matters is not so much what you eat, but how much you eat. “there are no bad foods for themselves. What happens is that Our body is designed for certain foods. better than others. The seal needs an amount of fatty food that would be toxic to us“, illustrates the Dr. Marcos Malumbres, from the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO).

Red meat contains iron and cancer-fighting B vitamins, it doesn’t need to be completely eliminated from our diet

What you have to ask yourself is what we are prepared for and what foods our body processes very well and which ones cause constant irritation, metabolic issues which over time can cause damage“, Add. Let’s see what these foods are.

2. The real relationship between red meat and cancer

Red meat is one of the most debated. “Red meat alone should be differentiated from meat to which seasonings have been added, such as burgers, sausages and others Processed meats“, specifies the Dr. Marina Pollán, Director of the National Epidemiology Center.

What the health authorities have said is that processed meat is most at risk. And if you take it one day nothing happens either. It is the excess consumption that is harmful.

Red meat contains iron and B vitamins. protective against cancer, so consumption twice a week is considered normal», points out Dr. Pollán.

3. Sugar: hidden risk factor for cancer

The sugar is the main risk factor of cancer including We are not aware that we consume“, warns Dr. Malumbres, in a debate organized by La Caixa Foundation. The smoker is very aware that he smokes. We don’t assume that in almost all foods They put hidden sugar for us to taste better.

The danger of sugar is that it’s very addictingsee you obesity risk and recent studies link it directly to breast tumors“, adds the specialist.

4. Is it better to take sweeteners to avoid cancer?

Another mistake is to want to replace a good part of our craving for sweets with sweeteners. First, because we still don’t know if it’s also present a carcinogenic risk. “Several studies are underway on this subject.“says Dr. Malumbres.

The biggest problem is that sweeteners maintain a sweet addiction. “Addiction is easy to break if we are motivated to do so. Many patients get it as soon as they are warned of the risks they run“, Add. We must learn to reduce the consumption of sugar, without substitutes.

And we have to start now. “Spain is the first country in Europe for childhood obesity. In a few years, we will cease to be one of the longest-lived countries, as new generations have lost the protective food customs of our grandparents.“explains the doctor.

5. Complies Well With The Mediterranean Diet

Let’s face it. Spain no longer has the Mediterranean diet as usual diet. “This may still be true in rural areas, but not in big cities.”, explains Dr. Pollán. “The The Mediterranean diet has been shown to be protective against breast cancer when your consumption is high. This is not what we see now in our population“, To add.

The Nordics are more aware that their diet is not correct and at least they have a lot vegetarian restaurants. We and the Greeks have much less because we delude ourselves. Believing that we already have the Mediterranean diet as a basis makes us eat worse.

6. Avoid products that put “ingredients”

You want to know what foods are the least protective against cancer? “Anyone on the package that says ‘ingredients’ and a colonsums up Dr. Malumbres. You have to go to the market more and more at the supermarket. It’s as simple as that and let’s not look for subterfuge.

The fruits and especially vegetableswhich are more protective, such as broccoli Lists of Dr. Pollán. The cereals really (not the breakfast boxes which are sweet), the fish and the good fats: dried fruits and the olive oilwho was confirmed as another great protector”.

7. Don’t look for antioxidants in pills

Many studies point antioxidants as the great help against cancer. “Antioxidants are molecules that protect against the hazards of everyday life that our body suffers, like radiation. The danger is thinking we fix it with antioxidant pills“, explains Dr. Malumbres.

Pills repair chemistry by getting more chemistry. While eating natural food we take everything antioxidants we need“, he concludes.

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