The financial dollar was up 70% on the year and ended almost at the same levels as the blue dollar

The financial dollar was up 70% on the year and ended almost at the same levels as the blue dollar

On the other hand the MEP fell $6.42 (-1.9%) to $327.94, marking a gap from the official 86.5%. During the month, it increased by $15.43 (+4.9%), while during the year, it increased by $130.14 (+65.8%).

In turn, on the parallel market, the blue dollar fell $34 (-1.1%) to $346, after hitting a new nominal intraday high of $359 on Wednesday, according to a survey by √Āmbito en cuevas in the city of Buenos Aires. A) Yes, the gap with the official reached 95.3%. During the month, it increased by $9.88 (+5.9%) and $138.44 (+66.4%).

“Beyond the respite that financial and free dollars have interspersed, depending on the contribution of interventions, operators recognize that this rest would only be temporary given that the lag – relative to accumulated inflation and stock of pesos – is evident and so it is that soon they should be heading towards the next scale of ~$400, as the economy’s still high nominal value continues to push in the low time”, indicated the specialist Gustavo Ber.

Qatari dollar rate, Friday, December 30

New qatar dollar -which includes 30% of COUNTRY tax, 45% deductible from Income tax and personal property taxYes a new collection of 25% for personal property- advanced $1.38 and closed at $369.28

This exchange rate applies to Overseas consumption with debit and credit cards over USD 300 per month.

Price of the tourist dollar or card dollar, Friday, December 30

Tourist dollar or card-retailer plus COUNTRY tax, and a 45% deductible collection of income tax and personal property tax for consumption with cards abroad up to 300 USD per month- climbed $1.21 at $322.12.

Savings rate in dollars, Friday, December 30

dollar savings or solidarity dollar-which includes 30% of VAT COUNTRY and 35% deductible from income and personal wealth tax- it rose $1.14 to $303.66.

Wholesale Dollar Price, Friday, December 30

The wholesale dollar, which directly regulates the BCRA, it advanced 38 cents to $177.16. During the week, the wholesale exchange rate rose by $2.32, above the previous week’s $2.14.

Thus, it closed the month with an increase of less than 6% (+5.9%), lower than the increase recorded in November (+6.6%). In 2022, for its part, it accumulates an increase of 72.5%.

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