Crisitina Pedroche confirms that she is pregnant

Crisitina Pedroche confirms that she is pregnant

December 28, the day of the Holy Innocents, Cristina Pedroche’s pregnancy news leaked according to an exclusive from Lecturas magazine. This announcement also coincided with the separation of “socialite” Isabel Preysler from Mario Vargas Llosa. Since all this was revealed on the same day, that of the innocents, Social networks were burning with comments and in the search for evidence to know if Cristina had a little guts or not, if she drank alcohol… and thus establish whether or not it was a joke or not of the supposed pregnancy of the presenter who, as has been the case for some years now, in the days leading up to New Year’s Eve becomes one of the research’s most iconic characters to find out what her costume will look like to present the chimes.

Crisitina Pedroche confirms that she is pregnant

Cristina Pedroche and her husband, chef Dabiz Muñozhave remained silent ever since and, this afternoon, They decided to confirm the news of their pregnancy through their social networks. To announce that they are expecting a baby, the couple shared on their respective Instagram accounts a photograph of the two of them in an affectionate attitude opening a casserole dish from which comes a stuffed pig (animal linked to the Dabiz Muñiz brand and its restaurants) and thus referring to one of the parts of the text with which they accompanied the IG photo: “We know of no greater happiness than that brought to us by this baby simmering over low heat to be our best stew.” With this paragraph, they confirmed that they were going to be parents. Congratulations, my couple!

Besides the good news, The couple also wanted to clarify in the text their unpleasant position regarding the way they removed the way of communicating something from their private sphere such as a pregnancy: ”We weren’t able to choose when or how we broke the news. They have not left us. They weren’t our time or our habits and that made us very sad. There are red lines that should never be crossed. Because there were a lot of people who were important to us, people in our family who weren’t he didn’t know anything, moreover it was not yet sure to say it. They didn’t even call us to confirm or deny. Even so, we are facing the most exciting journey we are going to experience and of course we wanted to share it with you all, as always, here. No exclusives, no works. It’s just personal. The most personal and intimate thing we have. I wish they’d let us do it first,” quoted the couple in the text that accompanies their photo on Instagram.

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