All the discounts that gas stations will have from January

All the discounts that gas stations will have from January

The entry of the year brings with it an unpleasant novelty for January 1, 2023. And that is that from this day the discount of 20 euro cents per liter of fuel, approved by the Spanish government in May, it will no longer be valid for current drivers.

The current fuel discount will only be extended to professionals belonging to the transport, agriculture and fishing sectors. However, these groups will not directly benefit from the discount applied so far on the refueling ticket, but they will receive a payment at the end of each month. However, fuel prices seem to have stabilised, undergoing a considerable drop in prices and petrol stations will be offering many discounts as an alternative to the extinguished discount.

All the discounts that gas stations will have from January

From January 1, 2023, it will be a reality that adding fuel will be more expensive. Aware of this, gas stations have already begun to take steps to attract customers to their businesses. One of the pioneers of this price war was Repsol, which has already announced the new discounts that it will have until March 31. In this way, the company maintains its additional discounts of up to 10 euro cents per liter on gasoline and diesel, for purchases made with the Repsol app and with the Waylet loyalty program.

Galp for its part, it will also have a discount policy similar to that announced by Repsol. The company will offer a discount of 10 cents per liter in all its available fuels, provided that payment is made with the Mundo Galp app and its loyalty program. Likewise, Galp will also offer a discount of up to 25 cents to all new customers who sign up, through the use of a coupon. The main difference is that Galp announced that These discounts will not have an expiration date. rather, it will continue to be renewed based on fuel prices.

For its part, cepsis announces an extension of its discounts to 12 euro cents for each liter of fuel, a discount that can be extended to an additional 2 cents if Óptima premium fuel is refueled. The discounts will be applicable to users of the free program ‘Because you are coming back’ and to professionals of ‘Starressa Direct’. Shell and Disa, Through the Shell brand in Spain, they will be offering a discount of 10 cents per liter until March 31. To access this discount, customers must have the company’s own application “Mi Energía DISA”.

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