This is the reason why some people don’t regain their sense of smell after COVID-19

This is the reason why some people don't regain their sense of smell after COVID-19

ORnot of the main consequences that covid in the world population is that many people have lost their taste and smell and some permanently. American scientists have discovered that some people do not regain their sense of smell after an illness.

Indeed, the virus causes a continuous aggression that reduces the amount of olfactory nerve cells. This discovery published in the journal Science Translational Medicinefinally explains how a problem that affects millions of people around the world arises.

Possible causes

This survey talks about the possible causes that the coronavirus can leave you and stay in the body for a long time. Generalized fatigue, shortness of breath and lack of concentration are some of the most common symptoms. These problems could be triggered by similar biological mechanisms, according to the researchers themselves.

“One of the first symptoms usually associated with covid-19 infection is loss of sense of smell.. Fortunately, many people regain their sense of smell within weeks, but there are others who still haven’t regained it since illness,” said study lead author Bradley Goldstein.

For the development of this case, the scientists of the Duke University (North Carolina) joined scientists from Harvard and some University of California-San Diego to analyze olfactory epithelial samples taken from 24 biopsies, including those from nine patients with persistent loss of smell.

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