he takes revenge and will give the Chimes with Ibai

he takes revenge and will give the Chimes with Ibai

Anne Igartiburu yes it will give chimes, but not on Spanish television. Three weeks after announcing the controversial decision of the state entity to do without it, the communicator accepted the proposal of Plains of Ibai. He will bid farewell to 2022 during the contraction channel popular streamer Basque. It was he who gave the news which made the public very happy since it must be remembered that, when we learned that Anne would not be on TVEthey asked him via social media to “sign” it for release.

Anne Igartiburu It will be on my Twitch channel giving the chimes. It’s a real pleasure to have it for the last time diffusion of the year. See you tomorrow at 9:30 p.m.!” Ibai wrote first. A tweet that got the protagonist’s response: “The pleasure will be mine”Anne Igartiburu herself commented on this in the thread her compatriot previously posted.

Anne Igartiburu and Ramón García, in a Christmas special on TVE.

But they will not be alone. Next to Ibai repeats for the second year another history of television: Ramon Garcia. The two cross paths again at Christmas five years after the last time they presented the grapes, in 2017. The veteran presenter from Bilbao completes a trio of Basque communicators who promise to give a lot to say through the broadcast diffusion. It suffices to recall that in the first edition of Les Carillons Réalisés, Llanos managed to gather 2.2 million viewersa record figure that shattered all records.

The public channel has decided to do without Basque after 17 consecutive years of being the visible face every December 31. A historic decision that the Prado del Rey offices have defended, justifying that Anne has followed a new professional path. They were referring to the fact that he had agreed to participate in singer mask Yes Your face is familiar to me, as well as in the brand new program he will present on Telemadrid, 10 Moments. In addition, for years she was the host of Corazón, on TVE’s after-dinners, but it was something that until 2022 had been perfectly compatible.

Cristina Pedroche’s words on Anne Igartiburu

Anne Igartiburu was the big protagonist of the home stretch of Christmas, courtesy of Cristina Pedroche, Clear. The Atresmedia presenter gave the ‘bell’ this week when it was revealed she was pregnant with her first child with Dabiz Munoz. Moreover, on the eve of the news, she herself revealed that she would go naked to Puerta del Sol, resorting to the technique of body painting.

Cristina Pedroche smiling / Gtres
Cristina Pedroche smiling.

Pedroche herself revealed her feelings of pity at not being able to count on Anne during an evening so emblematic for them: “Every year, he comes to see me”, he confessed to Pablo Motos. And maybe he will again this time thanks to this drastic turn of events that Ibai Llanos made possible.

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