“There are red lines that should not be crossed”

"There are red lines that should not be crossed"

The news fell last Wednesday and, since then, the doubt persists. The magazine readings assured on Wednesday that Cristina Pedroche and Dabiz Muñoz they were expecting their first child and that the presenter would reveal it on New Year’s Eve from the balcony of Puerta del Sol. Was it really a leak and was she pregnant? Was she really an innocent? Both remained silent and until Friday afternoon, just over 24 hours after the chime, they did not confirm it.

Despite her usual activity on social networks, from the moment the magazine published the news, the collaborator I hadn’t shared a single story on Instagram to support or deny Lecturas’ claims. It was only this Friday that the future parents admitted that they were expecting a child.

It was only this Friday that the expectant parents broke their silence with a post on the two’s Instagram profile to confirm the news, without hiding their disgust at the leak: “We couldn’t choose when or how. we gave the They did not leave us, it was not our time or our habits and it made us very sad. There are red lines that should never be crossed.

“There were a lot of people important to us, people in our family who didn’t know anything, for that matter. it was not yet sure to say. They didn’t even call us to confirm or deny,” they continued in the text that accompanies a photo in which we see them both with a pot and a stuffed pig inside.

However, they did not want to fail to point out that they are “before the most exciting trip” that they are going to live and, therefore, they wanted to share it with all their followers, “as always”, through social networks. “No exclusives, no work. It’s just personal. The most personal, intimate thing we have. I wish they’d let us do it first.“, they pointed out.

“New paragraph. We know no greater happiness than this baby gives us that it cooks over low heat to be our best stew”, they claimed. It remains to be seen whether Cristina Pedroche will mention her pregnancy during the chimes.

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