Haiti experiences seasonal flu spike amid cholera and covid-19

Haiti experiences seasonal flu spike amid cholera and covid-19

Port-au-Prince, 30 Dec. Haiti is currently facing a second peak of seasonal flu, amid other health issues like cholera and covid-19, health authorities warned on Friday, saying there is no reason to worry. worry.

“In the studies we are conducting, we have verified that it is the type A influenza virus. We have found very few cases of covid-19, which is on the decline,” said Dr Daniel Lafontant , deputy director of the Department of Epidemiology, Laboratories. and Research (DELR).

According to Lafontant, of the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population, this is not surprising because the flu has two peaks during the year: the first between weeks 23 and 28, and the second between weeks 43 and 48. which can last until the end of the year and even the beginning of the next one.

When there is the flu, like the epidemic that Haiti is currently experiencing, various viruses can circulate and, in fact, the covid-19 is also there, but “there is no reason to worry”, has he said.

For his part, Dr. Jean William Pape explained to EFE that three respiratory viruses are currently circulating in Haiti: the omicron variant of covid, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

“At the beginning of winter, these viruses are more likely to be transmitted because people are locked up at home because of the cold. That’s why we vaccinate before winter against influenza and covid-19,” said declared Pape, director of the Gheskio Centers in Haiti.

Fever, cough, sore throat and headache, muscle or joint pain and fatigue are the main symptoms of seasonal flu.

According to Lafontant, it is for the moment mainly variants A, B and C, which are the main causes of the flu, and currently it is in a second peak, which “forces us to take the usual precautions to avoid contagion”.

Regarding covid, the latest data from health authorities from November 27 to December 3 speaks of 860 deaths, 33,876 confirmed cases and 223,625 tests carried out in a country mired in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

In Haiti, with a population of around 11.5 million, only 253,288 people are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Added to all this is cholera, which since its reappearance in early October has already killed 283 people in the country.

As of December 6, suspected cases stood at 13,672, of which 1,193 had been confirmed, according to data from the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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