Salud Colima: Symptoms of monkeypox go away without needing treatment

Salud Colima: Symptoms of monkeypox go away without needing treatment

The Colima State Government Health Secretary has announced that symptoms of monkeypox often go away on their own, without the need for treatment; however, it is necessary to use medication for pain (analgesics) and fever (antipyretics) to alleviate some signs of this condition.

He said people with monkeypox should avoid scratching their skin and take care of the rash, wash their hands before and after touching the lesions and keep their skin dry and uncovered, unless ‘they cannot avoid being in a room with another person, in which case they must cover it with a piece of clothing or a bandage.

The sub-directorate of epidemiology specified that the eruption can be cleaned with sterile water or an antiseptic; salt water rinses can be used for oral lesions (apply lidocaine to oral and perianal lesions for pain relief); while hot baths with baking soda and magnesium sulfate can help with bodily injuries.

The state agency recalled that the most common symptoms of monkeypox are: fever, headache or headache, muscle aches, back pain, lack of energy and swollen lymph nodes, which are followed or accompanied by a rash that can last two to three weeks.

Symptoms usually go away on their own or with supportive care, such as painkillers or fever. In case of symptoms, people should go to health units to be tested and receive medical attention and until they receive the test result, they should isolate themselves from others and wash their hands frequently.

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