Human rabies: how to provide immediate medical attention? – The Sun of Orizaba

Human rabies: how to provide immediate medical attention?  - The Sun of Orizaba

Orizaba, See.- After in the State of Oaxaca health services will confirm case of bat-bite rabies in three childrenan epidemiological surveillance protocol has been deployed so that they are monitored by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control Programs (having dinner) and the National Rabies Control Programme.

Indeed, experts point out that It is important that people know how to act and where to go receive the rabies vaccine and thus face an emergency.

What should I do if I am in contact with rabies?

The Guide for the medical and anti-rabies care of the person exposed to the rabies virusprepared by the Ministry of Health, informs that it is necessary to request Immediate attention by medical personnel after being exposed to animal contact or aggression.

But, if you are not close to a specialist, the right thing to do is immediately wash the affected area with soap and antiseptic for at least 10 minutes and rubbing firmly, but being very careful not to damage the affected skin or tissue.

After that, in the guide recommend disinfect the wound with alcohol and then proceed to the nearest medical unit.

For free, organic products can be applied in any hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the State Worker Safety and Welfare Institute (ISSST), in the case of private hospitals the rabies vaccine has a cost.

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Experts point out that the injection is no longer applied around the navel as it used to be, but can be administered in the arms or legs.

If the patient has been exposed to a rabid animal bite, the doctors will administer a dose of human rabies immunoglobin concentrate, then the rabies vaccine which is applied in five delayed doses on days zero, three, seven, 14 and 28, after the first vaccine.

It is not recommended to apply it to the buttocks area. because neutralizing antibodies may be weaker.

Several municipalities, in prevention, have started to launch vaccination campaigns for domestic cats and canines, as well as the recommendation to stay away from wild animals.

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